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I was born October 20th 1980 in a refugee camp on theThailand border.  My family fled to the camps during mid 70's the invasion of Pol Pot (Communist Regime) to escape genocide.  My family moved to Houston Texas in 1982 and later moved to Long Beach CA where we would call home. Trying to assimilate to the new life was hard and very difficult as we were different and were not welcomed by many.  These were tough times, but what I also remember most was watching Soul Train with the whole family just enjoying the dancing and the music. My Oldest brother had a small collection of vinyl records too and we would normally gather around the record player when Soul Train wasn't on Television, Putting the needle on the record and holding the record Albums artwork made me love music even more, it was almost reading a book but with a beat.

When I was 13, I started recording songs on the radio and listening to the mixmasters on Power 106FM Los Angeles.  I really wanted to be like them as they some how magically played different songs without any interruptions keeping me guessing how did they do that. With some imagination I started doing making mixes with a dual cassette player that had a built in microphone input but in used it as an extra tape player to mix.  I later started making mix tapes and giving them to some of my classmates in school and even some of the teachers as they loved it.

During that time, I have also worked at my parents Donut shop and had a weekly allowance.  I finally saved up almost 5K to buy my first starter DJ Package at the age of 16. From there, I practiced for hours, days, and months until I got good enough to get my mixed played on the local radio station to submit for a DJ contest.  I was excited but bummed that they announce my name wrong.

After Graduating High School, I went to the local community college to study radio/television broadcasting.  During my time in college I had the chance to network with many people and started promoting and DJing at all the night clubs around CA. I also started doing weddings in 2001 but more of a DJ and my partner at the time MCed.  Also, worked for various DJ agencies to keep busy in the mobile business. Lastly, by 2011 I started doing more of my own weddings providing full entertainment by Default.  Lots of friends and old college club goers who followed me back then are now planning on getting married.  As of today, I have done over 200 weddings and continue to do so as I love getting to know each of my couples.







  • 1st Place round 3 Across the Fader DJ Battle - Glendale CA

  •  3rd Place AY customs DJ Battle - Los Angeles CA


  • 3rd Place Best Buy DJ Battle - Lakewood CA


  • DMC Contestant 

  • Battle Ave Beat Juggle DJ contest 3rd place


Guitar Center Battle 2002

Radio/Television Broadcasting Long Beach City College 2001

Inteligent lighting programing

Sound reinforcement / design



1999 throwback pic
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